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Can I exclude any couriers or express a preference for a courier to fulfil our orders?

All retailers have their preferences when it comes to the shipping of their orders. You might have had an experience with a certain carrier that you'd like to continue to use. Or you might, for whatever reason, have the desire not to use a particular courier or parcel delivery company. That's fine because we fully understand that each and every online retailer has differing requirements we have given you the flexibility to select which couriers ship your orders.

Within the settings section of your dashboard, you have the ability to select which parcel delivery companies you would like to fulfil your sales. Overtime the list of available couriers will continue to expand and you will have greater flexibility.

Dependent on the nature of the order we are despatching on your different behalf couriers will be the most cost-effective and we will switch between your chosen couriers to fulfil your order and give you the best value for money given the selected service level chosen by your customer.