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How are my orders and product information backed-up?

The integrity of your data and the continuance of your business are of primary concern to us. As such we take back-ups of your product, order and settings on a daily basis and store them in multiple locations.

However, as back-ups are only as good as the integrity of the data stored within your profile, we also protect your logins. It is your responsibility, to keep your login details secure and not share with anyone other than trusted staff and agents. Ideally you would create a secure password that is unlikely to be compromised by brute-force. To create such a password there are a number of tools you could use. Most certainly don't use common passwords such as family names or famous people and also don't use the same passwords that you might use to log-in to your computer as well as keep passwords you use in your home life separate to those you use at work.

Just in-case others have access to your password; you should also consider changing it regularly