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I've got my products ready to ship to the warehouse but my printer isn't working, what do I do?

The single most important feature of Cloud Fulfilment is the ability to tie in the products you send to our warehouse, the orders your customers make and the products we dispatch. Without a system to accurately relate those three functions then your customers would receive the wrong products.

Barcodes have been in use for almost forty years and they're still the most cost-effective and efficient method of ensuring accuracy. The issue is, however, that to ensure that a barcode stays with a product the need for them to be printed and assigned to the correct product at your end, unless of course you are using manufacturer barcodes.

There is no other way of facilitating this quality control and logistics measure without the ability to print labels. We, therefore, suggest that you find some way of printing them as without correct labelling we cannot pick, pack or ship your orders.

It's also worth noting that you will need the correct labels as well. For the product labels you have three options, as well as exporting them to CSV and printing elsewhere.

When you go to despatch your products to our warehouse, the labels are created for you as a PDF. This means that if you require somebody else to print them for you then you can easily email or transfer the labels. Furthermore, we'll create the correct number of labels within the PDF so you won't have to remember the quantities.