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Why Cloud Fulfilment

What are the advantages of outsourcing my online order fulfilment?

One of the greatest challenges business owners, and ecommerce companies encounter is scalability. Hence, the primary reason that many online retailers outsource their order fulfilment is to allow them to respond quickly to changes in business circumstances. That might well be a requirement to destock a particular line or stock-up in response to a planned marketing campaign or unplanned sales opportunity.

There also comes a time when many small ecommerce businesses outgrow their current fulfilment strategy. This might be a case of moving from your office staff picking, packing and shipping orders at the end of the day, or you doing it yourself from home. Even a business with a small warehouse will one day need to upscale. This can entail spending more on warehousing, staff and perhaps even vehicles.

A solution that is often attractive for these types of organisations is to outsource order fulfilment. Your business solely focuses on buying the products and marketing to potential customers - leave the most arduous process of picking, packing and shipping customer orders to a company such as ours. We can leverage our experience and buying power to do make it much more efficient and cost-effective than can be achieved than doing it internally.

You also would not have the headache of managing warehouse employees with an outsourced solution. You can leave the training, motivation, sick pay, holiday management and salary to us.

It is also worth noting that testing new markets and product lines become much more of an attractive proposition when you move order fulfilment externally. If you transfer your current operation to an outsourced solution, it becomes a very simple task of adding new SKU’s and then testing their demand. When it comes to exploiting the demand you have proven, just ship more labelled products to us.

If you choose a fulfilment solution that incorporates low shipping costs then obviously there are cost advantages than trying to negotiate these yourself. At Cloud Fulfilment, we have many years of experience in reducing delivery costs to many hundreds of thousands of customers and use that knowledge and those relationships to ensure that you save when it comes to fulfilment.