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What sort of stock-checking is undertaken?

When you use Cloud Fulfilment to add new products to be available for us to pick, pack and ship and you have confirmed which items are being sent to the warehouse we will automatically send electronically an 'Advance Shipping Notice' into the system so they can prepare for the arrival of your order.

When your products do arrive, we will compare that advance shipping notice with that of what arrives and will report (NCR) any discrepancies for you to action. The inventory of products will then be amended on request.

This stock-checking system is based on the use of the barcodes and labels that are either created by the Cloud Fulfilment (GS1) system or UPC provided by customer. It is essential all products are barcoded.

After your products have passed the initial inspection, we will routinely check stock levels. However, the current level of inventory can always be checked within the dashboard.