WooCommerce Order Fulfilment Integration


WooCommerce is one of the leading shopping cart plugins for WordPress – for various good reasons. The one we’re interested in here is its ability to offer flexible order fulfilment solutions.

Having used WordPress ourselves in many different forms and varying levels of satisfaction, from complete horror to utter amazement we were convinced that the plugin we create to allow you to outsource the order fulfilment from your WooCommerce store must be as simple to set up as possible. You can actually get the installation part complete within a few short minutes.

Here’s how:

  1. Download the Cloud Fulfilment WordPress plugin here.
  2. Execute the zip file and transfer (usually ftp or sftp) the folder you find (woocommerce-xml-rpc-api) into /wp=content/plugins
  3. Login to WordPress on your chosen website and navigate to the plugins section.
  4. Activate the plugin called Cloudfulfilment With WordPress and WooCommerce
  5. Create a new ‘user‘ for Cloud Fulfilment to discretely process your orders.Thi should have a minimum role level of ‘Contributor‘. You can call this user ‘Cloud’
  6. Log into Cloud Fulfilment, click on ‘settings‘ at the top and then select “Word Press Woo Commerce‘. If you have already not set up a store on your Cloud Fulfilment account then you will need to click the grey button ‘Add a WordPress – WooCommerce Shop‘,
  7. Add in the detail soft your shop into this page including the Username and password you created in step 5.
  8. You also have the option to manually or automatically approve orders. Please note, however, for Cloud Fulfilment to process orders you should mark the relevant order as “complete’ within the WooCommerce > Orders

It’s as simple as that. The plugin that you installed does the leg work so there are no extra, complicated configurations needed on your part. If you require any help, or have any questions, please do contact us on 0844 801 3746.

  • dekani

    does this woocommerce plugin allow me to specify which completed orders that cloud fulfilment processes based on user role? i.e. can the plugin stop cloud fulfilment from processing completed wholesale orders and only process completed consumer orders?