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Professional order fulfilment services for online health and beauty stores.

Whether you’re manufacturing your own brand of beauty products or you’re a wholesaler, the health and beauty sector is a fiercely competitive marketplace where consumers are overwhelmed with choice. However, with new trends and niche markets emerging regularly, there are gaps to be filled if you can get to market quick enough.

This is where Cloud Fulfilment can help. We’ll manage your order fulfilment and despatch process, leaving you to respond to new trends and search for new opportunities to expand your range.

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Here are some of the reasons our health and beauty fulfilment customers choose us:

Storage and inventory management

Managing your inventory can be a real challenge for online health and beauty stores, especially if you have limited space. Generally, the products are small, and you might have multiple versions of the same item, varying in colour, scent or style.

When you outsource your order fulfilment to Cloud:

  • Batch numbers and expiry dates are logged on arrival to our warehouse
  • Your products will be stored and picked based on expiry date
  • You’ll have the flexibility to increase stock levels during peak
  • You’ll only pay for the storage you’re using based on the dimensions of your products

Choice of shipping services for small items

If you’re an e-commerce retailer for health and beauty products, it’s likely you’ll be shipping a high volume of small, lightweight packages.

Our specialist e-commerce shipping service offers:

  • A choice of shipping services designed for items under 2kg down to 100g items
  • Competitive UK and international rates
  • Online tracking
  • Same-day despatch and fast transit times

We can also handle deliveries into retail premises, whether that’s to your own stores, supermarket distribution centres or into Amazon’s distribution network.

Quick and professional returns service

Health and beauty products are personal items, often required to match a specific skin tone or type, so inevitably there will be returns that need to be managed efficiently.

When you outsource your returns handling process to Cloud Fulfilment we will:

  • Process your returns quickly and efficiently so the customer can be refunded or sent a replacement as soon as possible
  • Provide a professional experience for your customers
  • Inspect return items to stock for resale (where appropriate), or dispose of the item if it has been opened

If you’d like to talk to us about health and beauty product fulfilment services, please get in touch, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

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