TrakPak is a worldwide tracked parcel delivery solution specifically designed for the eCommerce market. Using a specifically selected network of international couriers,TrakPak allows you to have your goods delivered around the globe with clear visibility including tracking events such as date and time of delivery. TrakPak is a service you can use with confidence, allowing you to have access to the details of your parcel in the delivery network, but without incurring the larger expense that some express carriers charge.

Cloud Fulfilment are in a privileged position to have direct path into the TrakPak network from our warehouse and so together we aim to remove the boundaries retailers face when wishing to deliver internationally, with a tracked service to almost every destination on the planet. TrakPak have partners around the globe, allowing them to provide a delivery service on a local level to your customer. When your business is growing, and the time comes to outsource to an efulfilment service, it is vital to have a delivery network that will meet the needs of the customer, and having it delivered by a local agent recognised by the recipient, means TrakPak can satisfy your customers expectations.

When you send your goods with TrakPak you can expect full tracking, and this is reflected in the WMS Cloud Fulfilment portal, so you can monitor the progress of your items when in transit to all corners of the globe.