Yodel offer delivery across the UK at some of most reasonable rates on the market and we offer their rates as part of our eFulfilment programme. Yodel’s extensive UK delivery coverage is provided from 55 Yodel service centres up and down the country, which allows them to offer a wide range of delivery services to match the needs of every budget, ideal for customers in the ecommerce UK market. When you look to outsource fulfilment, logistics costs are going to be a key factor, so when you fulfill with Cloud Fulfilment, you know you have a wide range of courier services including the low cost delivery services provided by Yodel.

We offer the Yodel Express services to match your requirements when sending to your customers from our pick and pack warehouse. These include timed services of 24 and 48 hours that are both fully tracked services and signed for. If you are looking for an economy service Yodel is great choice, as it comes in cheaper than most carriers and can be tracked on your Cloud Fulfilment portal to delivery, making carrier management extremely easy.

Yodel work with a vast array of customers, including offering delivery from fulfilment houses like ours to B2B and B2C clients. Across the year they handle up 155 million parcels, a staggering amount. Yodel also have made some vast improvements to their services, launching their ‘Have Your Say’ campaign to capture real time reviews from their customers, which has now reached an 80% satisfaction level. This has been aided by their investments in new ‘Super’ depots located in Selby, Alfreton, Farnborough, Northampton and Livingstone. Yodel have also invested in a fleet of eco-start Mercedes vehicles, to ensure reliability and to reduce emissions, plus they now use some double deck trailers, to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. This all together makes them a very attractive carrier for customers looking to keep delivery cost to a minimum, whilst being able to track the goods in full.

For further pricing details please feel free to contact us, and we will be in touch to assist.