We provide a cross dock service for a fast turnaround of prepacked items, meaning minimal handling time and reduced costs. Have your items prepared and sent out to your customers in next to no time with our speedy cross dock services, ideal for Groupon style platforms.

Cross Docking and Groupon fulfilment

The need to process stock quickly and for minimal cost is constant in the world of eCommerce fulfilment. When you have goods coming in from multiple suppliers, the need to collate, relabel and barcode them up ready to be pushed out to the customer can put untold stress upon a business, especially when the customer desires the products ASAP. It is possible to overcome this, you simply need to use an expert fulfilment house, such as Cloud Fulfilment to assist you in reducing costs and speeding up turnaround of stock with our excellent cross docking services.

Enter Cross Docking

Cross docking services are not an entirely new concept having been developed by trucking companies in the US during the 1930’s, and basically comes from the idea that goods come in one door across the floor and out of the other, across the opposite side. It is an ideal solution for the modern world of eCommerce due to its speed, efficiency and ease of use. A current cross docking definition would be, a superior warehousing solution meaning there is minimal product handling and little to no storage costs. It can be used for goods that have been purchased that are being resold or that have come from the manufacturer that are to be distributed from the cross dock warehouse.

What are the benefits of cross docking?

1. Streamline your whole supply chain into a quick model

2. It can reduce the cost of labour and storage costs with minimal handling

3. Goods arrive far more quickly to the consumer

4. Reduce the cost of warehousing by circumventing goods in, put away and pick processes

5. Less time spent on handling inventory-reducing risk

6. Have a central location to have your products sorted and dispatched in a minimal time frame

The common disadvantages of cross docking are also eliminated when using Cloud Fulfilment or a 3PL service such as storage capacity, with our purpose built cross dock warehouse having ample room to handle vast amount of stock. With Cloud Fulfilment you can have access to our logistics accounts that are heavily discounted channels offering global delivery for minimal cost, and a wide range of services for cross dock distribution, from the likes of DPD, TrakPak, DHL and Parcelforce to meet every consumer need. Technology is no problem either, we have a bespoke platform tried and tested to handle the goods and allow full visibility of the whole process. This is accessed through your Cloud account portal, meaning you have control over your goods when they are in our cross dock warehouse.

How does it work?

We accept the goods from your suppliers around the world into our cross dock warehouse facility. There is no goods in process reducing time and labour costs.The units are held in quarantine, and a pack desk operative takes one of the units and scans it with our state of the art Apple handhelds.

Our bespoke technology then takes over -

  • Our purpose built system creates an ASN for the item, marking it as compliant
  • The system puts the item away in a temporary location
  • The system searches for a back order with that item on it and allocates the unit of stock
  • The system then simulates a physical pick to the order bin

The pack screen then opens the docs and the labels print. The operative then packs the item, attaches documentation and transfers to the despatch bay. Your goods have been turned around and are ready to go out to your customer, in next to no time. This means you can use our swift and agile solution, to meet the needs of your client base.

Quality control can also be put in place to ensure the goods are leaving our cross dock warehouse in shipshape condition. The WMS platform also ensures all the data is still collated by the 3PL company you choose to partner with, despite the goods not undergoing the standard practice of the warehouse.

Is cross-docking the solution for my business?

Cross docking is ideal for pre packaged and sorted products, such as a large supply of items that could be going on sale as part of Groupon sale or other forward selling models meaning cross docking fulfilment can provide an efficient and quick solution for your needs. This sort of model is known opportunistic cross docking, meaning the goods received are going out of the warehouse to meet a known demand, such as customer orders and with Cloud Fulfilment cross dock distribution is cheaper using our discounted logistics experts.

Speed is a key consideration for modern supply chains, being able to service the needs of the customer to gain their loyalty and trust in your business is essential. At the same time it is wise to keep a check on ensuring costs are kept to a minimum in terms of your spend on productivity and labour. Both of these key elements are addressed using a cross docking service. You can truly gain a competitive advantage on the market if cross docking is implemented by the experts such as Cloud Fulfilment reducing your handling time frames, whilst reducing the costs coming out of the business.

What sort of products are suited to this model?

Prelabelled, barcoded and sold goods are ideal for cross docking, as they are primed and ready to be dispatched to the customer, and have already been purchased. It is a great model for goods that are to be used in a promotion or have been just launched and need to be dispatched with urgency in bulk, and likewise items that are ordered in consistent volumes due to constant demand. Perishable goods that have short shelf life are also very much suited to this model due to the quick turnaround. As cross docking cuts out the process of put aways, the ideal scenario is that the volume of incoming good matches the amount that is to leave.

Do you offer Groupon Fulfilment?

Groupon is a perfect example for using the cross docking services model that we at Cloud Fulfilment can offer. Groupon is a vastly successful direct to consumer model that has grown into a huge platform with 200 million subscribers. Featuring on their site enables you to go to market with your product, knowing the demand is going to be readily available. It has hundreds of success stories, showing that going to their marketplace can help you raise brand awareness and open the door to limitless customers. Groupon will help get your product in the spotlight, which in turn will help you generate more sales and the Cloud Fulfillment cross docking platform will help you meet the demand.

If you are marketing on Groupon, then you are going to need to be able to meet the demands of the volumes of orders you are going to receive, and offer shipping to the consumer at a reasonable cost in an orderly fashion. We can help you cater for this with our cross docking services eCommerce platform.

The orders would be taken from your site in the same manner all of our customers information is handled, and fulfilled using the cross dock model, meaning goods are packed and dispatched in an efficient and cost effective fashion. Cloud Fulfilment will accept the goods at our cross dock warehouse, process them ready for dispatch and put them on your chosen delivery service, available at discounted rates. If you integrate into our platform it can save you from a heavy development schedule and allow you to focus on drumming up those sales.

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