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Do I get usage updates and billing emails?

Cloud Fulfilment is all about making your working life as easy as possible. As part of this we allow you to manage the email alerts so that you are sent information that is pertinent to your specific requirements. As such, you can opt-in or out of different categories of communication.

To manage these emails simply log-in and click “Settings” at the bottom on the left-hand side of the page and then select notifications in the left-hand menu. On this page you can select or deselect to receive a range of notifications.

Essentially, every step of the process can trigger an alert, and should you wish, you are able to be made aware of any activity. For instance, you may only be interested in receiving alerts when an order has been placed, when the order has been dispatched, when a tracking number has been created and when the goods have been delivered. Alternatively, you may only be interested in being notified when a delivery has failed.

Spend more time on your business and less money on your logistics.

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