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Can I filter specific product categories so they don’t appear on a particular channel?

Within the “Connectivity” section, which can be found at the top of each page of the dashboard, you will find a list of products that have been added to Cloud Fulfilment which are either “submitted” or “unsubmitted”. The former is a list of products that you have assigned to a third-party channel, such as eBay or Amazon.

For each product you can assign it a channel and add any additional required information. You can assign products just to one channel or to all.

To make use of the channels you need to authorise Cloud Fulfilment to add your products to their listings on your behalf. This can be found by visiting “channels ” in the left-hand menu and then “EDIT CONNECTION”, Or you can “ADD CONNECTION”.

For example, Amazon requires a Merchant ID, Merchant Token, Marketplace ID, AWS Access Key and a Secret Key. Whilst eBay requires a long token id, an expiry date for the feed, a shipping from post code, a returns policy text, a PayPal receipt email address and some payment instructions text.

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