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What’s the best out-sourced e-commerce order fulfilment software solution?

The primary concern for any e-commerce manager is to have a solution that you hardly interact with. The solution needs to be simple to implement and require no further management. Here are ten reasons we are confident Cloud Fulfilment is the best online order fulfilment solution.

  1. API
    You can make use of the Cloud Fulfilment API to integrate with any shopping cart system, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and eBay. As your customers place orders, the details will be passed securely to our system that initiates the picking, packing and shipping process.
  2. Flexibility
    When your inventory is added to our platform you can select which products are simultaneously promoted on your sales channels such as eBay, and Amazon. You won’t have to add your products more than once.
  3. Accuracy of order
    One of the major headaches e-commerce businesses have, is the accuracy of order picking. We’ve created a purpose-built warehouse management solution that comes with market leading picking technology. Our staff training modules are carried out monthly to make sure that picking accuracy is substantially higher than any off the shelf system you may have.
  4. Almost no risk
    Our warehouse is state of the art with the highest fire and security standards.
  5. Scalable
    We don’t penalise you for being successful. If you’re featured in the press or have a fantastic marketing campaign and sell the majority of your stock, you won’t pay for the capacity within the warehouse that you’re not using, you’ll only pay for the space your stock is occupying.
  6. Transparency
    At any given time, you can log into Cloud Fulfilment’s platform and check your stock levels and orders. This will give you an insight into what you need to re-order and how much. You will also be able to get a breakdown of the services you have used.
  7. Exceptionally easy to use
    The concept is simple. Individual products, groups of products and pallets all have separate barcodes. After adding new products to the system, it will create the labels for each if they aren’t already labelled.
  8. Same day dispatch
    Orders received by 3pm, unless otherwise agreed, will be dispatched the same day via our extensive range of carriers.
  9. Cost-effective
    You don’t pay for warehouse staff to wait for orders to arrive and you don’t have the associated expense of managing staff. We manage all that and leave you to grow your business.
  10. Enhanced customer service
    The whole process is automated and works on an accurate inventory management platform. This reduces the error rate for orders significantly and increases the satisfaction of your customers.

Spend more time on your business and less money on your logistics.

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