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Why would I want to use Cloud Fulfilment when Amazon have their own pick, pack and ship offering?

In a sentence: Cost, technology, flexibility, and multi-channel functionality.

Margins are being squeezed and costs are rising in other parts of your business, so why should you pay more than you need to for your orders to be fulfilled? You shouldn’t.

You can use the marketing muscle of Amazon by placing your products on their site easily via our free ‘Channels’ module, but you won’t have to pay their hefty fees.

Here’s an example… Per order, our fees are £2.00 plus £0.25p per subsequent item within that order. This compares very favourably to Amazon’s fees.

We charge storage at one rate only. Amazon charge a “semi-annual Long-Term Storage Fee” which is £882.50 per cubic metre for any “Units that have been stored in an Amazon Fulfilment centre for one year or longer”. What’s more this fee is in addition to their Inventory Storage Fee.

Furthermore, we don’t take advantage of seasonal increases in demand. During October, November and December, obviously a period when consumer demand increases rapidly for Christmas, Amazon increase their inventory storage fees by approximately one third. We don’t feel this is fair on any size business that relies on this period as a time to make profits.

Another reason is, our fulfilment fees are transparent. You won’t need a few hours to work out what your costs will be, you’ll be able to establish them in a matter of seconds.

Spend more time on your business and less money on your logistics.

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