Real time visibility of your operation.

With Cloud Fulfilment, you get access to an online portal that shows you in real time what's happening in the warehouse environment.

You can manage your inventory, monitor inbound stock replenishments, view the status of outbound orders and manage returns, through the online portal, on any device, anywhere, at any time.

End to End order view from point of order to signature upon delivery.

Full stock level movement reports from goods in, on the shelf and out-going. This can be broken down by sku and date range.

Behind the scenes a sophisticated and robust process with comprehensive product scans, proactive monitoring & problem solving, with high accountability for all warehouse transactions.


Intuitive technology.

A comprehensive, powerful and user friendly online portal.

When you log in to the online portal, you have real-time visibility of your own virtual warehouse. In the past, you might have needed to install software on your computer, or have a physical terminal or server installed in your building ... not with Cloud Fulfilment. Our customers have full access to their operation the click of a button anywhere in the world whether that's on a PC, laptop or portable mobile device.

Cloud Shipper


Enterprise class Warehouse Management
Software behind the scenes.

Running the operation behind the scenes is our own proprietary WMS (Warehouse Management System).

Developed in house and built for purpose, our WMS processes your order data, organises the operation inside the warehouse, instructs our operatives on the warehouse floor and feeds live data to your online portal.

The whole operation is scan driven. Our team on the warehouse floor carry state of the art iOS devices and barcode scanners to interact with the WMS. Every unit picked, every location visited, every product despatched is scanned to ensure pinpoint accuracy and eliminate human error in the despatch process.

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Multi channel integration

Multi channel integration.

Plug in your eCommerce platforms.

Cloud Fulfilment is order source agnostic - connecting your online store(s) for multi-channel order fulfilment is seamless and can be completed in just a few simple steps.

We have built simple tools that, in a few clicks, connect your shopping cart or eCommerce channel to Cloud Fulfilment allowing us to download and despatch your orders. Among others, Cloud Fulfilment supports Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, KONG, eBay & Amazon. We also have our own in house built API which you can connect to directly from your website or app to create orders.

So within minutes of accessing your account for the first time we can be plugged in as your fulfilment partner and dispatching orders from multiple channels. It’s really that simple.

Value added services.

We're flexible enough to handle your specific requirements.

We offer a customised Re‑Work Service, depending on our customers’ individual requirements: from simply applying a label, to offering the consolidation of a finished product which comprises of multiple components. By using our Re‑Work Service customers are able to minimise business operating costs, improve quality and make the goods available on the market in a shorter period of time.

In addition to Re‑Work we have a Returns Handling Service available too. Returns are considered a nuisance and a major reason for customer disappointment complaints. We will accept your returns back in to our facility and and return to stock, Re‑Work or dispose/recycle at our customers request. All stock that is returned to live stock can been seen as replenishment and will be made available for resale.

Simple pricing.

Four easy pricing avenues.

We do not confuse you with a plethora of complex charges. Our pricing is as straightforward and simple as the rest of our solution.

We offer four main billing streams - Goods In, Pick and Pack, Shipping and Storage, all of which is transparent within the portal and broken down by order for invoicing purposes.

You can download billing reports directly from the online portal and export the data via CSV for your own reconciliation.

Low cost shipping rates.

Ship to over 220 countries.

We have access to competitive shipping rates from the world’s largest courier companies. Our consolidated volumes from our incumbent trading base is quite large so we are able to obtain significant discounts that we in turn pass down to our customers.

We are able to ship your goods to over 220 countries worldwide using a range of economy to premium services depending on our customers individual requirements.

International delivery

International delivery.

Our unique advantage.

One area that we have a unique advantage in is international delivery. Cloud Fulfilment has a close connection with a large european postal operator which enables us to offer not only a fantastic service direct from our warehouse, but market leading rates for tracked and untracked packages worldwide.

As an international gateway, our customers will always benefit from the fastest delivery times, best possible service and low cost shipping options.

Spend more time on your business and less money on your logistics.

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