BigCommerce Order Fulfilment Solution – How to Integrate


BigCommerce is a powerful, robust ecommerce platform for those who wish to expand and add more automation and customer-focused features to their eCommerce offering. One of the greatest headaches online retailers have, however, is order fulfilment. It is the one aspect of managing internet shops that is seemingly less fun that buying or marketing. Thankfully at Cloud Fulfilment we have a solution to take that headache away: we will manage the fulfilment of your orders automatically, cheaply and with little need for you to manage the process.

Cloud Fulfilment is largely about ‘set and forget’. Of course you have oversight as to which orders are processed, how much stock you have left and how much it actually costs to fulfil each order. We’re also about simplifying integrations. With this in mind, here are the few steps you should glide through to outsource your BigCommerce store (don’t forget, if you’ve got any questions you can call us on: 0844 801 3746):

  1. Set up a new user within Big Commerce (the ‘Users’ button can be found at the top of the page). Make sure you have set the ‘Status’ to ‘Active’.
  2. Alter the ‘Permissions for:
    1. Sales Staff – Online Manage Orders & Edit Orders
    2. Sales Manager – Manage Products, Export Products,  Export Orders
  3. Enable API Access
    1. For the user you have just created click “Edit” next to their listing within the main ‘Users’ list
    2. Select the ‘Yes, all the user to use the API” option,
    3. Note down the API path WITHOUT the /api/v2/ on the end, i.e. it just ending in (you might like to copy this into NotePad.
    4. Click ‘Save’
  4. Submit the details into the Cloud Fulfilment dashboard.
    1. Login, and click ‘Settings‘ at the top right-hand-side of the page and then click ‘Bigcommerce‘ then click ‘Add a Shop
    2. Submit the relevant information – including the ‘User’ created for Cloud Fulfilment to access your orders.
    3. Select ‘Enable  connection & download orders’
    4. Choose whether you would like to manually approve orders or have orders dispatched without prior approval.

It’s that simple. Of course you’ll need to get your products into the fulfilment centre. We have some information here about that here. But, don’t forget, you can give your account manager a call and discuss the most efficient manner of doing that.