How Do I Integrate with Prestashop?


Prestashop is one of the most powerful and popular opensource shopping cars. Here we show you how quick and simple it is to technologically connect your store with a pick, pack and ship fulfilment solution. Continue reading

How Do I Send My Products Into Cloud Fulfilment?

Ship to Warehouse

Efficiencies are created by following set, standard procedures. We have established those for customers sending their products into the fulfilment centres and here is a quick guide to those requirements. Continue reading

Magento Order Fulfilment

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Magento is such a popular ecommerce platform and we have many customers on Magento integrated with Cloud Fulfilment so they can make use of our outsourced picking, packing and shipping solution. Essentially all you need to do is create a specific user profile, create a user based on that profile and then change the product settings so that all orders are associated with Cloud Fulfilment. Continue reading

Integrating with Open Cart

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For those online retailers with OpenCart eCommerce stores, we have a quick walk-through of the steps you should follow to complete the integration of the site with Cloud Fulfilment’s ecommerce pick, pack and ship solution. Continue reading

Custom Order Fulfillment for Shopify

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This post walks through the few, very simple, steps to connecting your Shopify store with Cloud Fulfilment. This will enable you to systematically have your customers’ orders dispatched without any picking, packing or shipping on your part. You can select which products to fulfil via your own operations, which you would like us to fulfil – or, indeed, if you would like to outsource your entire eCommerce operation. Continue reading

BigCommerce Order Fulfilment Solution – How to Integrate


The process of integrating Cloud Fulfilment with your Big Commerce store could hardly be simpler. We go into more detail in the post, but essentially, all you need to do is create a user with the correct permissions and then submit those details, along with the API details which you are given by Big Commerce into our system. What’s more, we’re on the end of the phone should you need assistance. Continue reading

WooCommerce Order Fulfilment Integration


A quick overview of how to integrate Cloud Fulfilment into a WordPress WooCommerce ecommerce installation to allow for the automatic processing of your online store’s sales. Continue reading

The Benefits of Courier Integration with a Fulfilment House

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There are many, very real and tangible benefits of integrating your eCommerce website with a collection of couriers and a fulfilment house. Continue reading