Integrating with Open Cart

OpenCart LogoOpenCart is one of the more popular shopping cart option due to its open source nature and the variety of developers with experience working with the platform.

Currently there are a number of shipping rate extensions available from the likes of Royal Mail, ParcelForce and a variety of US courier companies, but should you wish to integrate an outsourced fulfilment solution then your options were limited before now.

Just as we have helped eCommerce store owners on other platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and others to remove the fulfilment headache from their daily operations, we also offer solutions for those with OpenCart stores. If you would like to find out how add this enhancement to your site, or just find out how quick and easy a process it is, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download and extract the installation zip file (click here)
  2. Log-in to your Cloud Fulfilment account, click ‘settings‘, ‘OpenCart‘ and then ‘Add a shop‘.
  3. Submit some important information:
    1. OpenCart Username: This is the username that would be used by Cloud Fulfilment to login and access the Cloud Fulfilment Open Cart API file.
    2. OpenCart Password: This is the password that would be used by Cloud Fulfilment to log-in and access the Cloud Fulfilment Open Cart API file.
    3. Your OpenCart Shop URL: This is the URL that Cloud Fulfilment would use to pass the login details to.
    4. Ship my OpenCart Shop Orders when the status is: This will prompt Cloud Fulfilment to ship your orders when the order status in OpenCart is flagged as that setting. It is recommended that this is a status that indicates that the order has been paid for.
    5. Mark my OpenCart Shop Order status as: After the order has been fulfilled, Cloud Fulfilment can mark your orders to a certain status. Normally people use the “Shipped” status, however this status is entirely up to you.
    6. Notify my OpenCart customers when orders statuses change: By settings this to “Yes” you are stating that Cloud Fulfilment can notify your Customers that an item is shipped through the API. If you do not want this, set this setting to “No”.
    7. Start Order ID: This is to tell Cloud Fulfilment a starting point from where you want the orders to be downloaded from. You can get the last order by logging to your OpenCart shop and going to Sales > Orders
  4. Click ‘Save’ when you are happy.
  5. You will then be given a popup with the text to copy into the cloudconfiguration.ini file which you should transfer with the Api.php file to Catalog/Controller/ in your store.OpenCart Configuration
  6. Return to your OpenCart site details page within Cloud Fulfilment and click the “Click here to test” button to confirm that the installation has been completed correctly.
  7. If you need to change your settings or redo the transfer of files then do so. When you have tested the installation and Cloud Fulfilment returns with the message ‘Your credentials have been validated’, make sure you click on the ‘Click Here’ buttons in blue to confirm the details.

And this is it. If you need any assistance then you can call us on 0844 801 3746.