September’s Project: Building Trust


A few tasks to consider for September as you try and improve your conversion rates ahead of the Christmas rush. Continue reading

Grammar, Spelling and Selling More


A look at the role that grammar and spelling may play in search engine rankings and what you can do to solve them. Continue reading

How To Quickly Find Your Competitors’ Most Popular Products

Look into the data

One of the hardest tasks of any ecommerce business owner or specific ‘buyer’ is to locate the products that will sell the most, whilst we’ll explore the wider opportunities in a future post, the one particular method which deserves an … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to No-Cost Marketing


Passing over the bulk of the SEO tips that may require either a great amount of time to implement such as improving product descriptions and adding more robust category text; and also forgetting those that require a huge amount of … Continue reading

Don’t Take Google for Granted When it Comes to Indexation

URL Profiler

Over the past seventeen years or so I’ve been involved with SEO one of the most common statements I hear from non-SEOs is that you should just trust Google to pick up the most important pages on your website and … Continue reading

14 Considerations When Looking at Pick and Pack Services

Cardboard Box

There are many features of pick and pack solutions that many only become apparent after you have signed up with a supplier. It is important, however, to ensure you ask as many questions as possible before you sign up and record the answers. Continue reading

Finding Profitable eBay Niches

Weird eBay Listing

There are always product niches that can be explored. Many will be within your main ecommerce store product theme, whilst opportunities will also exist in related markets. It is down to business owners to explore these opportunities to ascertain their potential profitability. The data to support these decisions may exist, but the real value is in finding meaning in the numbers. Continue reading

Preparing Your SEO for Christmas

Christmas Panda SEO

Google likes to roll out big updates towards Christmas so if you are trying to minimise the chance of collateral damage, then there are some steps you should consider. Continue reading

The Essential Guide To Increasing Amazon Marketplace Sales

It is too easy to ‘set and forget’ when it comes to Amazon Marketplace. However, if you take the time to optimise your product information, pricing and customer ratings then you can enjoy noticeable improvements in sales. Here we show you how. Continue reading