ANSWR was conceived in 2019 after what can only be described as a classic lightbulb moment for online enterpreneur Georgiana Grudinschi. Georgiana loved getting her keratin treatment at the hairdresser’s, but wasn’t impressed by the cost, the time it took to apply it, or some of the heavy chemicals that were unnecessarily added into the mix.

After some solid research and networking, Georgiana had a revelation: not only could she source the keratin directly from its country of origin, Brazil, she could create her own formula and sell the treatments directly to consumers online.

Timing couldn’t have been better for ANSWR. As lockdown hit and non-essential businesses such as hairdressers shut down, at-home salon-style treatments became all the rage with consumers. As ANSWR were the first e-commerce brand to bring accessible at-home keratin treatments to the European market, the orders were piling high and they needed to outsource their fulfilment operation from the get go.

Choosing to outsource

Choosing to outsource

ANSWR initially paired with a fulfilment centre in Georgiana’s hometown in Talinn, Estonia.

But, they quickly realised that 95% of their orders came from the UK, so they needed to find a reliable fulfilment centre over here, too.

“Our time resource was very limited,” said Georgiana Grundinschi, founder and CEO of ANSWR. “Our stock has always been quite big volume-wise, so fulfilling our own orders was never really an option for us. Our in-house team is quite small, so if it was up to them to ship our orders, it would be impossible.”

As Brexit hit in January 2020 and lockdown came not long after, ANSWR needed to find a UK fulfilment centre fast. Georgiana came across Cloud Fulfilment and decided to make the leap.

“We were looking for a reliable fulfilment centre to outsource to, preferably one that offered a contact person we could reach out to at any point. With Cloud, you get the warehouse, the team that picks, packs and dispatches the orders, and the customer support, all in one package, so we don’t have to worry about anything,” said Georgiana.


“Cloud gives us a lot of support in terms of handling everyday orders and I can always trust that the customer service team will go through anything we don’t understand in detail.”

Georgiana Grudinschi

Founder & CEO

The Cloud solution

Georgiana’s biggest concern about outsourcing their fulfilment operation was quality control. ANSWR’s online shop uses a custom-built Shopify integration, which connects directly to Cloud’s Warehouse Management System (WMS). This enables Cloud to instantly receive orders from ANSWR’s e-commerce website, which then prompts the order fulfilment team to pick, pack and dispatch the orders in real time.

This automated fulfilment process means that stock is sent directly to the Cloud warehouse from the manufacturer, so ANSWR needed a fulfilment partner they could rely on for quality assurance.

Cloud’s goods-in process ensures all stock is counted and thoroughly checked for damages on arrival. Any damages and faults are then immediately flagged to Cloud’s WMS, which is fully integrated with the seller’s online shop. 

“I’ve become so used to working with Cloud’s WMS. It’s capable of doing so many different things. I don’t have to go back to Shopify, because it’s all integrated and orders are fulfilled very quickly,” said Ingrid Dreyersdorff, Customer Support Team Lead.

“I can also say very good things about the customer support team! I love working with them – they’re so quick, easy to talk to, and they’re always there for me when I have questions. I feel like I can always reach out,” added Ingrid.

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