Icle Test

Icle Test

Start-ups can take time to show success let alone in under a year. Icle Test proved it can be done, growing from one or two orders to thousands a month. 

Icle Test is an eCommerce healthcare brand, the Icle Test team started because they believe in preventative healthcare and their objective is to save lives. They found that many people, and in particular men, are unlikely to book an appointment with a doctor or receive regular checkups. But many don’t know about simple checks you can do first that will help you catch any health issues before they develop further.

That’s where Icle Test can help. They have developed a simple test that you take in the comfort of your own home that will pick up things that may not be visible yet like blood in your urine. The test can pick this up as indicators of underlying issues that need to be addressed by a healthcare professional. These preventative measures are so important as these simple 20 second tests could save lives.

A quote from the Icle Test Team –

“At IcleTest® we want to help spread this message across the country and we can now offer the technology to deliver a product direct to our customers homes that can help improve clinical outcomes even further.

As a team, we are really excited about the possibilities this product has to change the way men think about healthcare and save lives as a result.”

Icle Test has grown in popularity due to their partnerships with doctors and physicians who help promote the effectiveness of their product. They required a fulfilment partner who could offer a number of services, but as they were a start-up had been rejected by other fulfilment centres.

Choosing to outsource

Choosing to outsource

Due to being a medical product, Icle Test required complete end-to-end product tracking and tracing, which meant their best option to meet the audit requirements was to outsource to a third-party logistics provider. They also required product kitting and temperature-controlled storage. Icle Test was referred to Cloud Fulfilment and wanted to get started promptly so that they could start trading.

“When you are a start-up you need guidance from someone who is experienced in fulfilment and eCommerce” – Simon Mason, Icle Test, Managing Director.

The main concern when choosing to outsource for Icle Test was that they are a medical product and have to meet regulations. Cloud Fulfilment provided guidance from the start, with walk-throughs of the warehouse, meeting the team and demos of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and more. The WMS was an important factor in choosing to outsource to be able to maintain regulatory standards. They receive regular audits on the product so needed to be confident that the Cloud Warehouse Management System had the processes in place to pass these audits while offering a seamless fulfilment service.

“The system is user-friendly and the team has been extremely helpful throughout the onboarding process as well as the day-to-day. We can monitor the orders easily through the WMS dashboard.” – Simon Mason, Icle Test, Managing Director.


“Highly recommend Cloud Fulfilment for any start-up eCommerce business looking for a third-party to help them grow and take all the hassle away.”

Simon Mason

Managing Director
Icle Test

The Cloud solution

The people and the partnership approach was the main driver behind Icle Test choosing to partner with Cloud. They were a fulfilment partner who took time to understand the product and the processes required to pass regular audits, so if asked any questions the Cloud team is there to help. 

After identifying what Icle Test required, the Cloud team assisted in the setup and integration of their marketplaces with the Cloud Warehouse Management System. This was a fast but efficient process.

Cloud provided product kitting services and trained staff to pack the orders in their bespoke requirements to ensure quality assurance across all products. This is all visible through the WMS so inventory can be tracked 24/7. This software has also allowed Icle Test to keep accurate track of invoicing as it is all accessible on their dashboard. Using the WMS has been extremely helpful for the growth of the customer service team as it is easy to track products and find orders for any enquiries they receive.

Icle Test Managing Director, Simon Mason said “I know that if any issues occur the team are on it. I know who I speak to are on the shop floor and the team I speak to knows my product well and has clearly got to know the brand, this gives better service. There is always someone to speak to who can help with any questions.” This has made the rapid growth of the brand a smooth experience without having to face any major issues as they have had guidance and support from Cloud along the way. This has been a great achievement for both Icle Test and Cloud Fulfilment.

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