Di Nardo Sportswear

Di Nardo Sportswear

Di Nardo Sportswear is a high-end brand of activewear, recognised globally for its association with Filippo Di Nardo Leccese, an artisan producer of prestige boxing gloves, highly regarded among professional fighters and trainers as ‘the best glove maker in the world’.

With a strong boxing heritage, Di Nardo Sportswear targets boxing enthusiasts globally, while also addressing the needs of the modern-day gym-goer, combining performance and functionality with style.

Choosing to outsource

Choosing to outsource

With a premium brand like Di Nardo, the customer experience doesn’t end with the product itself. Customer expectations demand fast despatch and delivery times, quality packaging and consistently high standards of customer service, all of which can be hard to maintain if you’re trying to fulfil orders in-house.

Di Nardo Sportswear is a joint venture, born from a shared passion for all things boxing. The company directors run successful businesses alongside, so unlike many start-ups, where fulfilment is often initially carried out in-house, the whole order fulfilment process is managed by Cloud Fulfilment. This includes receiving goods directly from the manufacturer, storage, inventory management, picking and packing and shipping.

Alex Hibberd from Di Nardo Sportswear said: “As a boxer and trainer, I have a real affinity with the Di Nardo brand and was confident that through a combination of my own network and the use of online marketing tactics, I’d be able to generate significant demand for the Di Nardo clothing range. However, as a full-time boxing coach, I don’t have the time to successfully operate the fulfilment side of the business, which is why we decided to outsource to a professional e-commerce fulfilment provider.”


“With Cloud Fulfilment managing the stock and taking care of the day to day fulfilment of orders, I can focus on marketing and generating sales.”

Alex Hibberd

Di Nardo Sportswear

The Cloud solution

By linking directly to the Di Nardo Shopify store with our order fulfilment software, our highly skilled warehouse fulfilment operatives can download orders and start processing them immediately, professionally packing each item and in most cases despatching it the same day.

Fast international delivery times are essential for an expanding global brand like Di Nardo, so we entrust this to DHL, who offer comprehensive global coverage with the fastest transit times. All items are fully tracked and delivered directly to the customer at their home or business address, guaranteeing the customer a professional and efficient delivery experience every time.

By shipping from our warehouse, Di Nardo benefits from discounted shipping rates with our global courier partners, enabling them to offer their customers free UK delivery and returns and affordable rates on international shipments.

In addition to our fashion fulfilment and despatch services, Di Nardo also uses our dedicated returns management service, which is essential to maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction. Returns are received at our warehouse and processed as soon as possible to ensure customers receive a refund or replacement within an optimum time frame. In-bound quality inspections are also carried out as part of the goods in process.

Alex, said: “I think of Cloud Fulfilment as an extension to our team. When you sell high-end sportswear, it’s crucial to find a fulfilment partner that truly understands your brand, your products and your values. We needed a consistent and scalable operation that would run smoothly from the get-go, which is why Cloud was the best choice for us.”

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