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G Herbal

Great things take time. This is especially true for G Herbal, whose founder Philip Goosens spent over 10 years perfecting the formula for their unique super-supplement capsules.

Philip’s idea is rooted in Jamu, a 1,300 year-old traditional Indonesian practice of crafting herbal remedies from indigenous plants. When Philip first moved to Indonesia from London back in 2008, he witnessed the powerful effects of these herbal medicines first hand. Serious illnesses that would otherwise be treated with a cocktail of prescription pharmaceuticals in the western world, were swiftly combated by local healers using Jamu.

From this moment onward, Philip made it his life’s mission to introduce these ancient recipes to the rest of the world. This was no easy journey. Philip spent the next five years meeting with Jamu masters, attending Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia’s largest agricultural university, and visiting numerous herbal farms around the country in order to perfect the formulas before the product reached the market.

Choosing to outsource

Choosing to outsource

G Herbal officially launched in December 2020 in Singapore, with a vision to trade globally. They were initially fulfilling their orders in-house and they partnered with DHL Singapore for their international shipments. As they expanded their trade worldwide, they quickly realised that the price of shipping, as well as the high and sometimes unexpected costs associated with international duties and taxes were driving up the overall price of their product.

“When you’re buying a product that costs £40 and DHL arrives at your door with an additional £35 customs charge, plus our administration fees, the product becomes very expensive,” said Dylan Crawshaw, Head of Operation and Development at G-Herbal.

“We didn’t want our customers to pay extra money for a product they had already bought,” explained Dylan.

The UK soon became their primary market, and as such, G Herbal were benefiting from a duties and taxes paid agreement with DHL. However, as the volume of their orders inflated and the impact of Brexit began to hit the international market, the need for a reliable UK-based third party logistics partner became obvious.

“It’s definitely simplified a lot of things,” explained Dylan, on the decision to outsource their fulfilment operation. “Outsourcing freed up so much time in our Singapore office – we no longer have to pack and prepare every UK order.”

“It really is a turnkey operation. All I have to do now is watch the orders come in and manage the dashboard to see if anything needs to be looked into.”


“There’s a level of connection with Cloud Fulfilment that evaporates the concerns you have with other fulfilment centres.”

Dylan Crawshaw

Head of Operation and Development
G Herbal

The Cloud solution

G Herbal’s main driver behind partnering with Cloud was convenience and ease. They needed a fulfilment partner who understood their business model and one they could trust to oversee their operation.

“We’ve had problems with fulfilment centres in other countries, but never in the UK, it was such a warm welcome,” said Dylan. “Nowadays, if a customer emails me saying that they haven’t received a product, it’s very easy because I don’t have to deal with international couriers. I just call Cloud Fulfilment and they sort it out.”

G Herbal’s stock is bulk-shipped to the Cloud Fulfilment warehouse where it’s checked for damages via our goods-in process and stored ready for dispatch. When a customer places an order through the G Herbal website, our custom-built WooCommerce integration connects to the Cloud Warehouse Management System and directs our fulfilment experts to pick, pack and ship the goods.

But G Herbal weren’t solely aiming to increase and streamline their direct-to-consumer sales in the UK. They also wanted to minimise their shipping costs without sacrificing the quality of the service and products they provide to their customers.

Since partnering with Cloud, G Herbal benefit from preferential e-commerce shipping rates in the UK, which have cut their per unit shipping cost by an incredible 32%.

“Our fulfilment costs before were extraordinary,” said Dylan. “Cloud Fulfilment are definitely a very important part of our business. They’re the partner that helped us succeed in the UK.”

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