Underdays is an eCommerce business who are passionate about providing world-class underwear and empowering women with confidence. They offer underwear that’s designed to deliver on both female health needs as well as giving you the most comfortable fit, style and feel possible.

Underdays strives to maintain their core brand values, such as developing sustainable products and packaging. They also pride themselves on upholding fair and ethical conditions across every aspect of their business. Amelie Salas and Oria Mackenzie, the founders of Underdays, say they started Underdays when asking this question. Why is it so hard to find functional underwear that doesn’t compromise on style?

“We had a dream to change the way our generation shopped for underwear. When we started, we were just two friends who were always wondering why there was nothing on the market that combined supreme comfort with style—your basics, but revolutionised. Underdays is putting women’s health back at the forefront of underwear design—even our gusset is longer than the industry standard. We listened to your biggest pain points and combined solutions-driven fabrics with innovative design so you can feel empowered in your everyday life. At Underdays we believe life isn’t always comfortable, but at the very least your underwear should be.”

– Amelie Salas & Oria Mackenzie

Underdays have boomed in popularity with their comfortable but stylish designs. They have also been featured in top magazines such as Vogue which quoted Underdays as being “the best briefs.” With this in mind, Underdays wanted to ensure they provided a seamless experience to their customers from the moment an order is placed, through to fulfilment and delivery.

Choosing to outsource

Choosing to outsource

Underdays had previously partnered with a fulfilment centre who were limited with what they could offer. They could not offer room for growth, which was imperative to the progression of Underdays and they were restricted by packaging options, not allowing for bespoke branded packaging. This took away from the overall shopping and unboxing experience Underdays wished to give their customers. Laura from Underdays also explained how they desired a more personable approach to ensure any issues that arose could be easily resolved.

After identifying these issues they started their search for a new fulfilment centre that could address these frustrations. Underdays had been in contact with and shopped around for fulfilment centres for a while so had narrowed down the list of prospective options. There was no hesitation to moving forward with Cloud, looking for accuracy and reliability Underdays were sold on the honesty and complete transparency of Cloud.

“After speaking with the Cloud team we loved how personable they were and how they had a hands-on approach to managing our fulfilment. We also liked that we were able to see the facility in person and meet the team. Cloud felt like a family and a company we could grow with,” said Laura, Head of Design and Operations at Underdays. Laura also spoke about what attracted them to Cloud, “Reliability and the fast but accurate pace of work.”


“Cloud is great, I couldn’t recommend them more highly. They just get the job done, their communication is excellent and the Cloud portal is very user friendly. The main thing is I couldn’t recommend them more highly based on our experience.”

Laura Frettingham

Head of Design and Operations

The Cloud solution

After visiting the Cloud Fulfilment facility and meeting the team, Laura said they had no hesitation to move their fulfilment operation to Cloud. Underdays uses a bespoke website on the Shopify platform, which connects directly to Cloud’s Warehouse Management System (WMS). By integrating directly, this enables Cloud to instantly receive orders from the Underdays online store, which then puts the wheels of order fulfilment in motion and prompts the fulfilment team to pick, pack and dispatch the stock. The whole operation is visible in real-time via a user-friendly dashboard.

Underdays uses their own bespoke packaging, allowing the Cloud WMS to automatically select the correct packaging and shipping option for each order. When a brand onboards with bespoke packaging, the Cloud team is trained and shown exactly how to pack their orders to ensure quality control is consistently delivered across the board.

Using the Cloud dashboard, Laura and her team have a 24/7 view of their inventory, orders, returns and more. They are also notified of any issues, or items that may be on hold. Where previously issues had been difficult to resolve, Laura is thrilled with Cloud’s proactive and hands-on approach. When there is an issue with an order it is resolved the same day and she is contacted with a resolution before she’s even seen the notification.

This prompt response has allowed Laura and the Underdays team to be able to focus on other areas of the business, knowing they don’t have to worry if orders are going out or stock is missing. Cloud has become the fulfilment partner they can rely on and an extension to their team.

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