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Can I automate the order fulfilment process?

Business owners crave automation with oversight. We thought of refining what you do so you can concentrate on buying and marketing is the goal of most online retailers. But just how do you automate the order fulfilment process? The answer is fairly simple.

If you think about the ecommerce process it is logically a series of steps:

  1. Decide what customers will buy
  2. Purchase the products
  3. Stock the products
  4. Add them to the website with the correct information
  5. Attract customers
  6. Convert customers
  7. Take payment
  8. Despatch the products
  9. Handle post-sale feedback/questions/returns

You could automate the purchasing of current stock with your suppliers fairly easily. The buying process for new products does require a great deal of human interaction, you could obviously make it simpler with the use of demand and price data, but to fully automate it would be difficult.

The middle parts of the ecommerce process are ripe for automation. The actual order fulfilment part can make use of technologies so that as soon as your website takes an order, that order is passed to the warehouse and the products are picked, packed and shipped.

That's exactly what Cloud Fulfilment allows you to do. With the use of an API (a bit of code and permissions that connect your website to the fulfilment centre) we can ensure no human interaction, on your part at least, is required to fulfil the order.

As soon as your customer confirms their order the wheels of automation start turning. The way it works is that the order details are passed into our database and our cloud-based software confirms stock levels, establishes which delivery packaging is best for the order, where the products are in the warehouse, sends the pickers to the correct locations and establishes the correct shipping options. This all happens in a matter of seconds, and is another reason why our platform is a great fulfilment solution for businesses of all sizes. Link taken out here

As a customer you can process orders manually should you wish. You can also choose to receive a variety of alerts based on certain milestones within the fulfilment process. So essentially platform can be as automated as you want it to be.