Magento Order Fulfilment

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Magento is such a popular ecommerce platform and we have many customers on Magento integrated with Cloud Fulfilment so they can make use of our outsourced picking, packing and shipping solution. Essentially all you need to do is create a specific user profile, create a user based on that profile and then change the product settings so that all orders are associated with Cloud Fulfilment. Continue reading

eBay Selling Tips & Strategies – SEO

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Everybody seems to be stuffing their eBay product titles with keywords as they forget that there is more than one factor in eBay’s search algorithm. Don’t fall into the trap of spamming your product titles with the hope of getting more traffic. Consider the bigger picture and the opportunity that writing more product titles and using other ranking elements to improve your search visibility – not only on eBay but in Google and the other search engines too. Continue reading