How to fix the 2/3rds of Shopping Carts which are Abandoned

Shopping Cart

Various studies have shown that around 2/3rds of online shopping carts are abandoned often because store owners prefer to focus on the more obvious task of getting more visits to the site using search engine optimisation or by adding social … Continue reading

How To Quickly Find Your Competitors’ Most Popular Products

Look into the data

One of the hardest tasks of any ecommerce business owner or specific ‘buyer’ is to locate the products that will sell the most, whilst we’ll explore the wider opportunities in a future post, the one particular method which deserves an … Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to No-Cost Marketing


Passing over the bulk of the SEO tips that may require either a great amount of time to implement such as improving product descriptions and adding more robust category text; and also forgetting those that require a huge amount of … Continue reading