The Challenges of International e-Commerce and their Solutions

International Trade

Seemingly there are no borders to international trade. A consumer sat in their home in Uzbekistan can transact with you with generally little more friction than a customer in Uxbridge. How you handle international orders is crucial, however, as the costs of international trade may be unpredicted and negatively impact your profits. Continue reading

Do I need MultiChannel Marketing or is it too expensive?

Inside the warehouse

Some companies are resistant to change. Sticking plasters will be put on their website and their internal systems will be treated with electronic bandages. But as their system starts to fail more frequently it is important to research alternatives before it flat-lines and your customers are left unsatisfied. Continue reading

A Close-up on our International Order Fulfilment Options

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Sometimes when you take an order from abroad when you do the picking, packing and shipping yourself can cause a multitude of headaches. Cloud Fulfilment solves that need with a quick, cost efficient, reliable and transparent international fulfilment service. Continue reading

SEO Tips For Large Ecommerce Websites: Product Descriptions

Product description

One of the most often over-looked SEO tactics is having awesome and useful product descriptions. This article shows you why it is important to spend time on the information you present on your product pages. Continue reading

Stock Control and Inventory Management Tips

Fulfilment efficiency and inventory management

Making sure you have accurate stock levels, you pick your orders correctly and handle returns properly are all essential elements to running a successful online business. Here we look at ten tips to help you achieve greater fulfilment accuracy. Continue reading

Warehouse Outsourcing Pros and Cons


Here we look at the pros and cons of outsourcing your order fulfilment and show you how to establish the financial benefits, or otherwise, of using a third party to process and fulfil ecommerce sales. You are likely to have your initial thoughts, but we may have some points you might not have considered. Continue reading

How the Amazon v Google Product Search War affects you

The Google v. Amazon War

Amazon and Google are fighting a belligerent war of attrition to become consumers’ destination of choice to conduct product research and, ultimately sales. This is making it harder for retailers to compete as customer is often the differentiator between getting top billing and not. Price is no-longer the primary determinant of featured positions. There are steps you can take, however, to get the exposure you need. They may be difficult, but what choice do you have? Continue reading

E-Commerce Inventory Management Tips

... to this!

Understanding the crucial role that inventory management has on the success viability of your business is key. Understanding which products to restock when and how much to purchase in the first place are major determinants of whether you have positive or negative cashflow. We cover the essential tips to managing your inventory wisely. Continue reading

eBay Selling Tips & Strategies – SEO

No eBay Listings Here

Everybody seems to be stuffing their eBay product titles with keywords as they forget that there is more than one factor in eBay’s search algorithm. Don’t fall into the trap of spamming your product titles with the hope of getting more traffic. Consider the bigger picture and the opportunity that writing more product titles and using other ranking elements to improve your search visibility – not only on eBay but in Google and the other search engines too. Continue reading

eCommerce SEO On A Budget – Duplication Problems

Are they the same, or just similar?

It is just far too easy these days to launch a website with inherent SEO problems. Many eCommerce stores have them built in and it is your job to locate and resolve them before you launch your website into the wild. Here we look at one particular problem area: duplicated content, and establish ways to establish whether you have a problem and what you can do to fix any you find. Continue reading