Delivering for the demand of eCommerce using a fulfilment warehouse

When you look to fulfil your goods, you are handing over the pick, pack and delivery of your stock to an fulfilment warehouse, which can of course be a big step in pushing your business on to the next level.

eCommerce customers expect high standards and for their goods to arrive safely and fast, so choosing the incorrect shipping company can be a huge error. If you use a fulfilment service you can enjoy an automated system to get your items picked, packed, dispatched and delivered on your behalf and you can manage your inventory from a crystal clear WMS portal provided to clients of Cloud Fulfilment. We have listed several reasons why fulfilment can help you deliver to the consumer below. 

It is imperative you consider your delivery options carefully and we are well positioned to advise you on the perfect solution. We at Cloud Fulfilment know shipping is a key factor when looking to outsource fulfilment and this is why we use our expert delivery partners to handle your items whether they be shipped in the UK or around the world. 

To get an accurate quote for using our eCommerce fulfilment warehouse facility please use the contact us page and we can show you the ropes and give you an idea of costs.

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  • A key factor when choosing your fulfilment warehouse partner has to be keeping costs in check. A logical way to keep costs low is a fast turnaround of stock and using an efficient WMS service, meaning there is no waste on labour, and in turn time. Work times can be reduced by a massive 50% when using a fulfilment company such as ourselves.
  • 80% of consumers will shop on line if offered free shipping. You are much more likely to be in position to offer free shipping if your sales are strong and you are processing a lot of orders or if the orders you are taking are larger. Free shipping can dramatically reduce abandoned cart rates, so it may be worth charging the consumer a little extra for the product. When you use an e-fulfilment warehouse service such as Cloud Fulfilment, you can make huge savings on shipping costs as we send so many items, we get access to huge discounts. Cloud Fulfilment has integrations into some of the biggest courier networks including DPD, DHL and Parcelforce so you have a wide range of premium couriers to choose from.
  • Customers are looking to make a purchase around the clock, with the growth in the use of mobile items are being snapped up at all hours. You have done the hard work, got the customer through the door and onto your site so it’s imperative you offer a platform to get the items packed and on the road to them without delay. Make sure you process your orders after 6pm with a whopping 33% of sales made after this time, and our team will have them ready to go in next to no time.
  • It is important to follow up on delivery services, you do not want customers chasing you for a delivery. We offer a crystal clear WMS portal purpose built to make sure you can provide tip top customer satisfaction. Follow your stock from its entrance into our order fulfilment service all the way to the moment it is delivered at the customer’s address. This means you can let the customer know of any potential delays or issues once it has left the fulfilment warehouse and keep them informed, managing the situation.
  • You should be able to offer next day courier services as well as timed ones to give the customer a variety of options to meet their needs and to impress them with great shipping to maintain loyalty and add value to your brand. You can set your site up to give off a certain message about the quality of your brand, you can choose nice packaging and have great products, but if the last mile falls short it can undo all of your good work. Choose from one of great carriers who can offer a fast track or priority service to get the items delivered before a set time or a service where the courier will text the customer a time slot of when they will deliver. In an age where drones could soon be dropping or items off, eCommerce customers can expect a minimum of a reliable next day service if you use our fulfilment warehouse and shipping solutions.
  • Click and collect models have previously been popular but are in decline with just 47% but for ultimate convenience there is nothing better than having your package delivered to your home or work address within a set time frame. With DPD Predict as an option on our site or the Parcelforce services delivering pre 9am, 10am or 12pm, there is no need to have your consumer venture out from the comfort of home, as you can give them a precise delivery window with big name, reliable courier services, that can be booked for less via Cloud Fulfilment. Gone are the days of waiting for items to arrive in store and having to traipse around to collect them, consumers expect more as eCommerce booms and you need to be able to match the demand, without breaking the bank.
  • 24% of consumers stopped have doing business due to a bad customer experience, which can of course be eradicated if you use a reliable courier company such as the ones we use from our e-fulfilment warehouse. More importantly too is the clarity to see if things are going wrong, what can be done to fix them. Having control of the whole process through our tailor made portal can really reduce the risk of issues arising and speed up the process of fixing any that may occur. We truly value your custom, and so our team are on hand to assist you all the way through setting up your account to contacting the couriers. Excess packaging can also make for a bad consumer experience, likewise insufficient or damaged goods so choose suitable packaging for your item and use a reliable carrier to complete the order.
  • Customer satisfaction rises by 15% if you use economical packaging, those images we see on social media of huge boxes with tiny items inside show how wasteful and ridiculous it can be not using the correct packaging. It obviously costs more to send bulky and heavy items as well, so good quality well packed items are well received by the consumer as the above statistic confirms. Shipping and thus packaging are part of the user experience, it can be your only physical impression on the customer so make it a good one. Successful businesses even use it as a marketing channel prompting consumers to share their new items nicely boxed on arrival on social media making packaging an extension of their brand.
  • There is something quite satisfying in watching your order edge ever closer to delivery, and if you can provide the tracking details to the customer, then they are less likely to need customer support, meaning less time spent on answering unnecessary queries and lower costs. If you choose us as your internet order fulfilment service, you can pick a service that has tracking from the likes of Royal Mail, TrakPak, DPD and DHL to name a few and allow your paying customer that insight up to delivery even if they have purchased it from anywhere in the world.
  • One of the most attractive features Cloud Fulfilment as an e-commerce fulfilment service is the low cost, but premium courier services we can give you access to. The economies of scale being passed to an SME can really give you an advantage and wow your customer. Currently the average shipping rate in the UK is £2.25, but with Cloud Fulfilment you can use our pick and pack service and offer consumers your products not just here in the UK, but around the globe. It can be best to offer your customers a flat shipping rate if you sell a standard item that is consistently the same weight and size so they know what to expect when checking out, and is an ideal option for those with a small amount of SKU’s. Of course there is a wide range of factors that can impact on the cost of shipping from an internet fulfilment warehouse namely package size & weight, destination, tracking and insurance.
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