Fashion retailer Lazy Oaf benefits from Cloud Fulfilment’s e-commerce system

Post and Parcel have recently posted about the service Cloud Fulfilment has provided to Lazy Oaf a London based fashion retailer. The article reads-

The London-based fashion designer and retailer Lazy Oaf is using Cloud Fulfilment’s e-commerce fulfilment service.

Lazy Oaf has reported that using Cloud Fulfilment’s service has “dramatically reduced errors for its online shopping arm of the business”.

Cloud provides a multi-channel service, complete with its own warehouse management system. The virtual warehouse means retailers can view the progress of an order from the moment it is placed to when it is packed or despatched.

Alex Hood, Digital Content Manager for Lazy Oaf, said: “I think what stood out the most for us is that they are very process driven and there are a lot of systems in place to eradicate human error.

“Also, there is a lot more transparency with Cloud – we are able to see and monitor everything that’s going on. Before it was a very manual procedure and now everything has been integrated into the one system.”

Cloud Fulfilment gives each customer a unique log in allowing them to see where their stock is at any given time.

“I really like that everything is now scanned into the system,” said Hood. “Before, everything was written down which meant there was more chance of mistakes being made. Now mistakes are practically non-existent.

“I think the scanning is probably the biggest difference and the greatest improvement we have seen from the new system.

“We also now have a new automated returns system which was previously very paper heavy. It has now been built into the portal which is brilliant and has made a real difference to our business.”


Fulfilment on a larger scale is far easier and can reduce the chances of errors taking place. This has been highlighted by Lazy Oaf as they have found the processes in place at the Cloud warehouse have significantly reduced the number of errors occurring with the packing and despatching of their products.

Not only this but the transparency offered to the client means they can keep an eye on their goods from them being picked to the moment they are despatched. For a business such as Lazy Oaf the capability to tap into the Cloud Fulfilment portal to handle returns and any other issues has given them flexibility and a sense of control. 

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