How Do I Send My Products Into Cloud Fulfilment?

Cloud Fulfilment is a fantastically affordable solution because we focus on efficiencies. Working within set standards and schemas allows us to streamline processes and save you money. One part of this philosophy is how we approach the process of adding products to our fulfilment centres.

The graphic below sets out how products should be labelled and arranged when they are sent into the warehouses. The logic is simple:

  • Each product has to have a barcode label which is created by the Cloud Fulfilment service attached. These can be created en masse with a given label size.
  • Each ‘loose box’ of products can only contain many items of the same SKU – there cannot be any mixing of boxes.
  • These ‘loose boxes’ will then be contained within an outer carton (or batch box). This outer box will also have its own unique barcode and label created by the system.
  • A collection of these cartons is then sent on a pallet to the address given within the system.
  • You can just send multiple outer cases should you wish.

Ship to Warehouse

With this in mind you can create a batch to be sent to the warehouse and inform of us of what to expect using the ‘Define Batches” tool:

Define Batches

the same logic applies for pallets and loose items and products which can be imported via the ‘Bulk Import Products’ tool – a CSV tool can be found within the system when you have registered as a customer.